(Top Left) Mendobreath F2; (Top RIght) Platinum Cookies;  (Bottom Left) Dosidos; (Bottom Right) Pink Panties

(Top Left) Mendobreath F2; (Top RIght) Platinum Cookies;

(Bottom Left) Dosidos; (Bottom Right) Pink Panties

Private Stock Veganics founder Michael Hinden was introduced to world of growing cannabis he spent his time educating himself in the modern technical advances while scouring published botanists latest discoveries relating to the symbiotic life web that is nature. While studying law in South Florida, he was able to partner up with Stephen Lindo and Briana Reese to form Private Stock Veganics with one goal in mind. Bring the masses the highest quality cannabis grown through the most organic, sustainable, and cutting edge techniques.

For Michael, growing cannabis is a holistic process. By utilizing the highest grade, botanical inputs, Private Stock Veganics techniques allow an ideal environment to feed the plant, promoting symbiosis in a living system that sustains the plant, allowing the  plant to focus on its secondary metabolites (THC and Flavor Compounds aka Terpenes).



Zero Solvents. All Natural Pressed Hash.


After years of research and development The Happy Buddha Press was developed for pressing "rosin" (pressed hash under higher temperatures). Utilizing this state of the art press, Private Stock Veganics started pushing the boundaries of natural hash making by pressing hash at the lowest temperatures ever done before finally producing their trademarked "King's Press". At 150 degrees Private Stock Veganics concentrates the most volatile and complex terpenes from their incredibly complex terpene rich flowers. This produces a hash that is the ONLY concentrate that truly mimics the flavor and high of the strain in its flower form.